Medical Insurance Quotes & Applications


Individual Medical Plans

Individual medical quotes and applications, versus group or small group plans, (see below).   Click on the quote and/or application request link below and you will receive a quote providing premium amount and a plan description.  Online application links are also provided for the carriers below.  Once you apply, you typically can have an approval decision within 2 – 4 days. 

Medical questions will be asked, be prepared to provide physician names, addresses, phone numbers, dates of visits, exam and treatment results.   The initial month’s premium can be paid by credit card.

If you would like an individual proposal in a spreadsheet format showing all carriers, email or call Susan Spancers to have a proposal prepared for you.

If your online experience is not user friendly or not responsive please contact me immediately!    


Anthem individual quote and application request link


Cigna individual quote request link


Cigna individual application link


Humana individual quote and application request link


Kaiser individual quote request link


Kaiser individual application link


Group Medical Plans

Please email or call Susan Spancers for a group or small group quote.  Group plans are available to business owners with business groups of one or more employees.  If the business owner is the only employee, they can do a business group of one.    



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