Guaranteed Income For LIFE

How to prevent outliving your retirement assets

Retirement income planning can be complicated

The above LINK can help you in solving:

*Projecting your longevity and reduce the chances of outliving your assets

*All the stress you have had about the market and your MARKET FATIGUE?  Are you tired of or scared to death of market volatility?  Once you are retired and start taking distributions from your retirement assets, can you afford another market decline?

There are solutions to the above concerns. 

Learn how you can receive a guaranteed accumulation rate until you are ready to receive a guaranteed lifetime income.

*What is your plan to pay for nursing home confinement/long term care expenses?  If you have checked into a policy, you know how expensive the premium can be.  Perhaps you applied for coverage and were declined. 

How would you like a nursing home confinement benefit that is built into your retirement income plan as outlined above?

If you would like assistance in navigating through the above LINK or if you would like more information, please let Susan Spancers know by calling 303 766-9599.