Air Ambulance Protection

Air Ambulance Protection

Planning a vacation is a happy time.  The last thing you think about while on vacation is getting sick or injured. THE LAST THING!  Vacations are for relaxing and having fun, not panicking about how to get yourself to medical care for a serious or catastrophic illness or accident.

You may not realize that health insurance companies and Medicare may NOT offer coverage that addresses medical emergencies while traveling. 

They DO NOT have trained personnel answering calls for help on a toll free number 24/7/365.

They DO NOT offer emergency air transportation as a service.

They DO NOT fly spouses, family members or friends to the hospital and back home, or from home to visit the patient during a hospital stay.

They DO NOT provide transport with escorts for minor children and grandchildren.

Medical Air Services Association, MASA, does all of this and much more.  In addition, with MASA there are

? NO deductibles or Co-payments

? NO claim forms

? NO age limits

? NO health questions - it's completely guaranteed issue

? NO dollar limits on air transport costs

? And, NO increase in their annual membership fees...EVER!

If you suffer a medical emergency while at home or while traveling, you could not be in better hands than you are with MASA Assist.  They have medical crews standing by at strategic locations and offer highly trained and caring staff that expedites each medical emergency.

MASA Assist has their own medical directors who work with YOUR treating physician to evaluate your condition and arrange medical transports.  When you call MASA Assist you will talk to a live person, never a computer with endless voice prompts.

If you apply for this valuable protection from Susan Spancers, MASA Assist has agreed to give you a significant discount on your membership fee.

Single Membership can be as low as $24 per month

Family Membership can be as low as $32 per month

These membership fees are a 45% savings from MASA Assists everyday retail cost. 

Please click on the links below and read the 2 page brochure for more details about this invaluable air and ground ambulance protection, or watch the video.  An application is also included.  Call me if you have any questions. 

Susan Spancers

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